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The original objectives of this document were twofold.

Firstly, the writing of it served to chart the practical and creative progress through the compositional processes which resulted in the creation of 47 Notes. This would allow reflective and objective insight into processes and personal methodologies that, over the years working as a professional composer, have become relatively intuitive.

Secondly, the research involved in the creation of this text aimed to prove (or disprove) a subjective inclination that my music could be contextually placed within the wider framework of what is known as ‘Serial’ music. It was particularly of interest to explore whether this single composition (albeit created using the generic methodologies mentioned above) could also be included under the term ‘musique concrète’ (concrete music). Although there has always been an awareness that this specific form (musique concrète’) and the genre (‘Serial’) was heavily influential on my work, there had been no previous opportunity to investigate the form and apply any contextual criteria to my music. In spite of the working relationship with its nature, its wider dialogue within compositional forms remained strangely elusive and open to speculation.

A previous work and accompanying research for the piece Breaking the Circle is often cited as it affords the opportunity to make direct comparisons and indicates a progression of ideas.  As the aims of this text could be split into two parts, so the writing has also been divided.

The first section documents the creation of the work and the second the contextual research that supported and encouraged it.

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