47 Notes

47 Notes is a new composition by the international, award-winning composer Clive Loseby. The piece is 30 minutes in duration and is an accumulation of a deep level of research into the nature of both modern composition, sonic art and its relationship with new forms of media.

Clive Loseby has worked in Audio and New Media, TV and film for thirteen years and his commissions include original compositions for BBC, Universal Studios and Channel Four. He is perhaps best known for his work for Disney’s first British-made, animated series ‘Spooky Sisters’, now in pre-production for a second series. Clive has scored music for multiple campaigns for ACAP and WIldAid, working with Jackie Chan, Ralph Fiennes, Minnie Driver, Gary Linnekar and Michaela Strachan. These important films have reached over one billion viewers worldwide.

Over these years, Loseby has built up a intuitive understanding of how music forms rhizomatic connections with film (‘picture’) and creates multiplicities of audience. The work, 47 Notes deliberately and provocatively deconstructs those relationships, quite literally, note by note.

The work is presented alongside a binary choreographed film by Jess Loseby, Clive’s wife of 20 years. Jess Loseby’s digital artworks are acclaimed internationally in their own right. Her awards include the International Prize for Digital Art in 2006, a variety of major international gallery commissions for interactive installations and she is one of only two British artists with work represented in the ‘Artport’, (Whitney Museum’s digital wing). She was the first British artist to undertake a solely virtual artistic residency, working in an online, virtual artist studio. She has an exhibition portfolio that spans London, New York, Paris and Vancouver. Her series of short mobile phone films ‘Handbag Surveillance’ were recently shown at the Centre Pompidou in Paris and her painting of the Tate Website was Highly Recommended in the National Art Exhibition (Formally Chichester Open) in 2008.

Binary choreography is a methodology Jess Loseby has created to digitally reconstruct movements as ‘dance’ in the absence of music, thematic and even without the actual presence of a performer. Every element of the ‘dance’ is artificially created by use of animation, deconstruction, reversal, fragmentation and editing. No performance ever took place.

The only relationship or connection to the music is Jess Loseby’s ‘film’ uses 47 movements and will be played simultaneously at the time of Clive Loseby audio composition.

This piece introduces India Loseby as the avatar.

The work is due to be performed at the Showroom in Chichester, West Sussex, UK during October 2009 (date tbc). However, it is also available to anyone on the web who wishes to download it and watch it in another environment. Please see the Download page for details

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